New technology offers us several choices. Inkjet and laser personalization reaps undeniable dividends for users. We can, in fact, personalize all the items in a mailing by adding color; a distinct message, a postal permit and even more!

Also important to note is that Canada Post recently broadened its definition of addressed admail. This allows you to allocate your budget for programs that can provide the best return on your investment.

Moreover, with the new equipment we have in place, including a high-speed printer and a sophisticated intelligent folding machine, we can manage and ship large mailings of up to hundreds of thousands of pieces.

And let’s not forget that the Internet now offers a gateway to new markets, and we have the tools to make it all happen! See the section “The Internet and Market Globalization” or call us to see how this new service can benefit you.

New technologies mean new tools at your disposal – use them!

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