This is most definitely the ideal opportunity to broaden your client base and conduct business on an international scale. How do you do it without losing control of your business? You have to be organized.

Once the mailings are sent, we can collect the orders you receive on your Website or by email, process these on our computers, and provide you with the details on a daily basis.

However, there’s no point in selling a product if the delivery cannot be made correctly.

We have signed agreements with mail order suppliers and other organizations that guarantee shipment anywhere in the world. This makes it possible for us to offer you the services listed below, in additional to the many services described in our information kit:

  • Worldwide distribution
  • Return of orders not delivered
  • Shipment follow-up service
  • Worldwide business reply coupons
  • Customs clearance service
  • Customer support
  • International postal expertise
  • Urgent service options

Talk to us about it — we can help you make your entrance on the international stage.

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